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 sincere in their quest to restore peace in the region. ▓The Ministry of Labor and Social Security and the Int▓ernational Labor Organization have teamed up to train ▓returning migrant workers in their hometowns. The first 2009 Start Your Business--SYB--training course began this week in Wuhan, the capital of central China鈥檚 Hubei Pr▓ovince. Hu Li has the details. One of the trainees at the X▓inzhou Employment Training Center is Shen Hongmei, who raises beef cattle. When she found out about the SYB course, she knew it w▓as for her. farmer Shen Hongmei said, 鈥淚 was here two da▓ys ago to learn compute

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r skills and by accident found the SYB class. The vivid ca▓se and in-depth analysis were so attractive that I even forgot to pick up my child from school.鈥?Shen Hongmei鈥檚 cattle farm didn鈥檛 make much money last year, partly due to higher feed costs. She was planning to give it up. She changed her mind after her teacher helped her analyze the local market. BEIJING, Feb. 1▓1 (Xinhua) -- Foot-and-mouth disease was found in eastern China's Shanghai, said the Ministry of Agriculture on Wednesday.On Feb. 3, 41 milch cow developed the symptom of foot-and-mouth disease in the Wusi cattle farm in Fengxian district on▓ the outskirts of Shanghai, while the disease was confirmed by national

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